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We have a varied roster of shows that feature Canadian artists with orchestra, yours or ours

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Cozens Entertainment

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Cozens Entertainment was created by Charles Cozens and Janet Horne to promote not only their own music, but the music and performances of other Canadian musicians and ensembles that were looking for opportunities to perform.

Having both been in the music business for several decades, they decided to pool their resources and contacts to expose these musicians to as wide an audience as possible. Their combined knowledge in many aspects of the business has led to a formidible alliance that offfers a range of services from booking musicians, ensembles and shows, to producing CDs for emerging and established artists to mounting their own shows with the Burlington New Millenium Orchestra.


Cozens Entertainment


A subsidiary of Charles T. Cozens Music Ltd.

All images, video and audio links, and other files used with permission of the artists.

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